Hey. I'm Rosie,
According to S, I'm awesome. And sorta mean xD

Who am I?
I'm still figuring that out.
But in the meantime here's an about me



I’ve been gallivanting all around the country today with the ‘rents (: Has been fun.

Been up Lake Vyrnwy… yes that is actually a real word not just scrabble letters I picked out (STFU y’s are vowels too) and then up to Bala and it’s been super sunny all day n___n”

Been watching tv since we got back home. I gained control and put Death Note on, and do you know what? My parents actually got into it! We ended up watching both films :D

I fucking love L *___* he’s freaking adorable!

Infact the only downside to the day was Scotland /narrowly/ losing to England in the rugby ¬_____¬ I swear Ireland best smash them next week!

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